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I am Balanced & Aware

Having traveled up the ladder of the chakras, rooting into the earth for a sense of stability, exploring creativity, firing up energy, opening the heart and speaking truth, we arrive at the sixth chakra, referred to as the third-eye or Ajna. It is believed that Ajna is where the masculine (heating, powerful) and feminine (calming, cooling) energies unite and give us a sense of connectedness to creation at large.

Here, the mind becomes central to harnessing the imagination to our benefit. This is where we communicate with ourselves, creating narratives for what we believe about our identity and what we are able to achieve. The third eye enhances the vision to realize potential and trust intuition. According to Mary Morrissey, "What you focus on, you create. So focus your attention consciously, and do not allow your attention to stray to results that you aren't interested in manifesting. Because you can, and will, create more of what you are focusing on."

In other words, energy follows attention.

"you...will create more of what you are focusing on."

The 6th chakra is located in the brow area between the eyes. It's in the same area as the thalamus, which is the hub for all incoming movement and sensory information to be processed in the brain. According to Cleveland Clinic, "The thalamus helps decide what to focus on among the vast amount of information that it receives." How fascinating that ancient yogis understood the physical organ associated with the 6th chakra was located there! The pineal gland is also in the same location and secretes melatonin, which is responsible for regulating circadian rhythm.

Ajna encourages us to develop the ability to know without relying on the five senses, trusting inner wisdom to discern the truth. When the energy is balanced, we experience clarity and emotional balance. We are able to remain open-minded to new ideas while staying tethered to core beliefs. We have good insight into ourselves and others, can express life-lessons and have a strong spiritual awareness. Dreams are vivid and often remembered upon waking.

Deficiency in the 6th chakra can lead to poor vision, poor memory, lack of imagination, denial and feeling stuck. Too much energy in this chakra may lead to delusions, obsessions, nightmares and hallucinations. Other symptoms associated with imbalance include migraines, dizziness, and confusion.

The element of light and the sense of thought are related to the third eye chakra. Indigo is the color which is associated with wisdom. White is also correlated with Ajna, as it is a symbol of all the colors uniting into one, representing a connection between all things.

Meditation is especially effective in bringing balance to the 6th chakra.

Poses such as child's pose, eagle pose, tree pose and dolphin pose also help energize that chakra. Lapis, Iolite and Amythest are thought to be healing as well.

Mantras include:

  • "May I see & perceive clearly on every level."

  • "I am open to the wisdom within."

  • "I live fully in the present moment."

  • "I can manifest my vision."

  • "My intuition leads me on the right path."

  • "I am balanced & aware."


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