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I am Creative & Connected: the Sacral Chakra

Updated: Jan 15

If you want to experience a sense of wellbeing, productivity and have stronger relationships, the sacral chakra may be the energy center you want to focus on.

The second chakra, the sacral chakra (Svadihistana) is the center of energy for relationships and creativity. It is a powerful place that affects our ability to experience the physical, emotional and energetic connections that we have with others, as well as ourselves. It impacts our feelings of pleasure, peace, sensuality and creativity. The sacral chakra impacts the degree of energy we give and balances it with maintaining energy for ourselves so we don't become drained.

It is located in the lower abdomen, between the belly button and the pubic bone. The sacral chakra is especially associated with our emotional responses and physical sensations. While it is particularly involved in expressing sexuality, in a broader way, it is a key factor in healthy sensuality, feeling good in our bodies. Many of us have struggled with permitting ourselves to feel happiness on a physical level, whether for religious or societal reasons, past traumas, dis-ease or pain. Over time, it can become natural to live in our headspace and disassociate from the body. Yoga is a great way to bring the body, mind and soul back together to find a holistic sense of wellbeing. We were given these beautiful bodies to taste, smell, see, hear and feel the goodness that life has to offer!


If the energy in the sacral chakra is deficient, we may experience rigid thinking, poor social skills, lack of passion, putting up walls, and be frigid toward others. Guilt and repression make it difficult to connect, especially in our closest relationships.

Excessive energy can manifest in oversensitivity, unhealthy attachments and pleasure addictions. Being overbearing and not respecting boundaries may push people away.

Svadihistana is associated with the color orange and the element of water. Healing stones include carnelian, coral, orange jasper and orange jade. Flowing, spontaneous movements help to activate and balance the sacral chakra energy, as well as intentional awareness of sensation during activity and meditation. Spending time in or near water can contribute to relaxation in order to experience a free flow of emotion.

Being attentive to and grateful for simple pleasures is also healing and can help release guilt. In order to develop stronger relationships and improve creative output, the sacral chakra helps us learn to find the balance between numbing the body and overstimulating sensation, instead experiencing the present moment. Mantras bring awareness to our intentions, such as:

  • "I am creative and connected,"

  • "I move easily and effortlessly,"

  • "May I be at home and at ease in my body,"

  • "May I have healthy relationship with myself and others."


Practice at home with this flow and Spotify Playlist

Join us weekly at Wellness in the Grove for yoga on Thursdays at 5:30!

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