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Rest is a four-letter word…

We got a snowfall last night,

heavy flakes swirling down,

laying on the plants like a thick comforter.

My pampas grasses, 10 feet tall yesterday, are bowed low today after bearing the weight of the snow and slushy rain.

I love that the snow creates a barrier to our typical frenetic schedules. Suddenly slick roads and decreased visibility decide for us that all unnecessary activities are cancelled.

The hush of the cold air.

The glow of the white ground.

All of it invites us to turn inward.

But raise your hand if you buck against the idea of pausing,



I think I see a lot of hands, mine included.

Why do we shy away from stillness?

Why is rest a four-letter word ?

Introspection is a journey that takes time, silence and discipline. I can think of a million other things I should be doing other than sitting with myself, watching the snow fall.

Is my inward life that scary that I can't bring myself to be mesmerized by nature

and reflect on my hopes, fears, faults and furies?

"Nature does not hurry and yet everything is accomplished."

I have that quote in my bedroom.

It's a reminder to learn from nature,

to relish the wisdom of each season

Coming out of the seasons of new life, growth and harvest, we now celebrate gratitude. Take this time to honor your place in this world,

to explore your inner workings (yoga is an inside job!),

to give yourself the gift of rest, even for a few minutes.

Watch the snow.

Walk in the rain.

Sit by the fire.

Gaze at the stars.

We are all here with a purpose.

Not to gain as much as we can

Not to wield influence over others for our own benefit

Not to be the absolute best, strongest, thinnest, smartest

We are here to give light and love to those in our path.

We shine brightest when we clean out the cobwebs and concentrate the light and energy into one place.

Collect your thoughts.

Quiet your body.

Take a breath.

Just for a minute,


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