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Steady mountain. Flowing water.

I love the tension between opposites.

Holding on to the moment but keeping space for future change.

Rooting down yet rising up.

Structuring your life with intention while allowing for spontaneity.

Caring for self without being selfish.

So today had me reflecting on finding mountain’s strength and water’s fluidity. Like loving home while longing for adventure. We need stability, a strong foundation, unshakeable ground in an ever-shifting world.

But we can’t be so rigid that we lose all suppleness.

We also need



a heart that dreams bigger,

a soul that sees the humanity in another person’s eyes and considers changing their ideology.

These tenets hold true in our spirits and in our bodies. Without the developing strength in the musculature, the joints are wobbly, unprotected.

But strength without stretching leads to stiffness that can be debilitating and quite painful.

We spend our whole lives trying to navigate these dichotomies.

What I appreciate about yoga is that it embraces paradox and encourages us to explore it with curiosity and courage.

Get on your mat and see where you are challenged today.

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